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For a decade now the annual World Islamic Funds and Financial Markets Conference (WIFFMC) has been at the forefront of the global Islamic investments industry, firmly establishing its reputation as the world’s largest and most influential gathering of leaders in the Shari’ah-compliant asset management and Sukuk markets. From less than a 100 delegates at its launch way back in 2005, the special edition 10th Anniversary of the World Islamic Funds and Financial Markets Conference (WIFFMC 2014), to be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain on the 19th & 20th May 2014, under the official patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain, is set to continue this tradition of supporting growth, excellence and innovation in the global Islamic financial markets - and is poised to break new records in 2014 with more than 400 attendees representing over 200 leading global organizations set to join more than 40 international speakers and thought leaders for a very special and unique event that will chart a new road map for the further growth and development of the dynamic Islamic funds and investments industry.

WIFFMC 2014: Expanding the Global Footprint of Islamic Financial Markets

The critical discussions at last year’s WIFFMC 2013 highlighted that investor appetite for Shari’ah-compliant investment options is pushing the Islamic funds and investments industry into the mainstream and the increasing demand for quality Sukuk, in particular, has played a key role in this progress. Recent reports and industry estimates project that Sukuk issuance worldwide is set to cross US$100 billion again this year. Though there has been a significant spike in the demand for Islamic investment alternatives, supply is still lagging behind and a key challenge that the Islamic investments and asset management industry is facing at the moment is a lack of diversity.

However, with the GCC and Malaysia continuing to lead the way in driving the growth of Shari’ah-compliant investment products, the industry’s successful future can be significantly enhanced by broadening the base of issuers and investors, building scale within the industry – and by initiatives supporting the further internationalization of Islamic financial markets.

Now in its 10th anniversary edition, the World Islamic Funds and Financial Markets Conference is set to gather key decision-makers from the leading international Islamic financial institutions, regulatory agencies, consultancies and investment firms for discussions that will seek to unlock new growth opportunities in the global Islamic funds and investments market. Key topics that will be discussed at WIFFMC 2014 include:

Will you be joining the Industry Leaders at The 10th Anniversary Special Edition of The World Islamic Funds & Financial Markets Conference?

The 10th Annual World Islamic Funds and Financial Markets Conference (WIFFMC 2014) is where the market leaders will gather to chart the key trends and capitalise on new opportunities that will shape the direction of the global Islamic investments market. Key highlights of the special anniversary edition of WIFFMC include:

Building Scale and Broadening Horizons of Islamic Investments

A Special Edition of WIFFMC: Celebrating 10 Years of Growth, Excellence & Innovation in the
Global Islamic Investments Industry

WIFFMC in the media

WIFFMC 2013 Post Event Report


The 10th Anniversary Special Edition of The World Islamic Funds & Financial Markets Conference will provide unrivalled high-impact brand visibility and ensure that you are at the forefront of shaping the future of the global Shari'ah investment market. WIFFMC 2014 also presents a unique opportunity to nurture key client relationships in a substantive and issues-driven programme.

To discuss your specific business needs please contact Sophie McLean at

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities at WIFFMC 2014

More than 400 industry leaders will gather at WIFFMC 2014. Take advantage of the special Group Delegate packages to send your executive team to participate in the 10th Anniversary Special Edition of The World Islamic Funds & Financial Markets Conference.

To receive further details on attending WIFFMC 2014 please email Sophie McLean at

New Insights to Shape the Future: Special Group Delegate Packages

“The international Islamic banking and finance industry has a come a long way and today has a diverse range of financial products and services flourishing throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. Global Islamic banking assets held by commercial banks are set to cross US$2 trillion in 2013, up from the US$1.3 trillion of assets held in 2011 and the industry has been enjoying a remarkable growth rate of approximately 20%. However, notwithstanding this progress, there is still a substantial investable surplus in the Islamic world which is not being put to productive use due to a shortage of Shari’ah-compliant investment vehicles - and supply continues to fall short of demand even with record issuances. Looking at the growth expectations of the global Islamic finance and investments industry and its growing global investor base, it is important that the industry further enhances innovation of new Islamic instruments and investment vehicles and reach out to markets outside its traditional boundaries. Given the considerable capacity of Islamic finance to meet large investment requirements, I hope that the discussions at this year’s World Islamic Funds and Financial Markets Conference, held under the theme ‘Broadening the Base of Investors and Issuers’, will help to further realize the full potential of this vibrant industry. The Central Bank of Bahrain is once again delighted to be hosting this prestigious event.”

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Baker
Executive Director - Financial Institutions Supervision
Central Bank of Bahrain

What the Market Leaders said about WIFFMC 2013

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